Funeral Streaming


Dowd Media have recognized the difficulty of all people wishing to attend a funeral but are unable to.

There may be issues of family members from a different country being unable to travel because their Visa Status in the country where they reside will not allow them re entry if they leave the country. In Ireland there have been many issues when a person cannot attend their parents funeral for this reason.

If people are too I’ll to travel, live streaming allows them to be involved in the funeral.

There are often issues where travel arrangements cannot be made in time to attend a funeral.

There is a significant cost implication, particularly from abroad, in travelling to attend funeral


Where people cannot attend an event…..Bring the event to them.

This can be across the road to a community Centre (where church has insufficient capacity), to another City, to another Country…yes to the other side of the world.


You are in a different Country so cant be at the funeral?

Yes you can, Dowd Media can bring you into the Service (and the live stream) either a pre recorded video or skype or facetime.

The potential is amazing ,a live tribute, and/or a reading at the service, to a live funeral stream held in one country with participants around the globe!

Full funeral mass of P.J O'Malley from St.Patricks church Louisburgh .

Funeral mass of Michael Jennings , Killeen

Live Broadcast of the funeral of Jimmy Foy from St. Patrick's Church Lecanvey at 11.30 on Sunday 29 August 2021. Click on the white arrow in the red box, will be live by 1.55pm.

Live Broadcast of the funeral of Fiona Needham from St. Patrick's Church Aughagower at 12 Noon on Tuesday 2 Feb 2021. Click on the white arrow in the red box, will be live by 1.55pm.


We really hope it will bring your business to the public domain in the lovely respectful way that you brought our funeral to family & friends, in sympathy for our loss but in professionalism for the audience. Seriously wish Dowd Media good luck.
– Mary O’Malley (Declan Davitt’s sister)

Special thanks to Conor and Brendan Dowd at Dowd Media for allowing our family and friends all over the world to be part of Declan’s funeral mass by live streaming.

Walter and Mary B Davitt (the parents of Declan Davitt)


This is the set up for Streaming to a location, a Projector and screen with sound system is set up at a vantage point, in this instance the Altar.

This was a funeral in County Mayo where the family wanted a private service in their home.

Dowd Media relayed the Funeral Service to a huge audience in the local Church.

The same live stream was viewed by many other people at various venues, including the local school and to friends and relatives in Ireland and abroad.

funeral streaming

Dowd Media make national news as Mary O’Malley talks about how important a live stream undertaken by Dowd Media was to her and her family and how it has help them come to terms with the tragic death of her brother Declan Davitt on Christmas day 2017